Combat Shillelagh – Black Belt Distance Learning Program Bundle!


Combat Shillelagh All Inclusive Irish Stick Fighting Black Belt Distance Learning Bundle! – Learn Irish Stick Fighting!  This is the big one folks.  We have wrapped up all THREE Levels of our Distance Learning Modules including our shillelagh Irish stick fighting instructional material from Beginner all the way up to 1st Degree Black Belt.  You will get the ENTIRE Video Library for Level I, Level II and Level III.  As part of the bundle, we are also including your first year Membership in the Worldwide Student Federation, complete with Membership Certificate, Membership Patch and Membership Card.  You will also get the 110 page Black Belt Student Reference Manual AND the Rank Patch!  This entire Bundle normally sells separately for $1,021.00, but we want to see you go all the way to Black Belt!  And the best way to do that is by having access to the entire video library AND the reference manual for your studies.  If you are serious about being a student of Irish Stick Fighting with the Blackthorn Shillelagh (pronounced “shalaylee”, or “sheleighly”), this is the right choice to make.  UPDATED: We are now INCLUDING our seminar video bundle in the Black Belt package.  This is another 9.5 hours+ of additional Irish shillelagh stick fighting instructional videos from our last few live seminars.  We edited down to the best parts of the cool stuff and now have made them available to you INCLUDED as part of this bundle package.  There is a treasure trove of tips, and training details in the seminar videos that you won’t find anywhere else.  All now included in your Black Belt Bundle.

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