Combat Shillelagh Level III – Black Belt Distance Learning Course


Combat Shillelagh Level III – Blackbelt Distance Learning Course.  Advanced level.  This is where it all comes together!  You are knocking on the door of earning your Black Belt!  In Level III, the student will see even more Advanced Striking and Strike Types.  You will explore the concepts of the Alive Hand, low Jamming Kicks, Body on Body “Collar and Elbow” stanzas, and Advanced Footwork.  You will see V Trapping applications as well as V Trapping Targeting for Offensive and Defensive applications.  The Student will also get an introduction to Double Stick Techniques and Stick to Stick Disarms.  This is a very robust level with a ton of material.  It builds off of all of the skills learned in Level I and Level II.  When all three Levels are put together, then the student is ready to test for their 1st Degree Black Belt in our System!  Important to note that the Blackbelt test will ONLY be given in person and an active Federation Membership is required to be considered for ranking purposes.  The Federation Membership is eligible for renewal each year in January.


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