Distance Learning

The Combat Shillelagh Distance Learning Program options have Launched! As a remote student or training group, you will be able to access rich, in-depth study material for Level 1 (Green Belt), Level II (Brown Belt) and Level 3 (1st degree Black Belt) in a distance blended learning model never before seen for this weapon.

Remote video testing for Levels 1 and 2 is available for a fee. Level 3 (Black Belt) and above rank testing is ONLY done live either at our site, at a live seminar, or with previous arrangements at your site if you arrange to host us. Full instructions are included in the Distance Learning Courses on how to study, train and test remotely.

Our program has material mapped out all the way up to Master Level in our system and we look forward to seeing you on that path! We sincerely hope you will strive to become a Certified Instructor in our system. Are you ready to take it all the way to Master Level?

How to Train With Us

Get started on your Path to Black belt today!