Our Mission to Rock Your World

Training with the Shillelagh is an absolute BLAST! Based upon over 35 + years of dedicated martial arts study and practice of staff & blade weapons, Combat Shillelagh is a combatives program designed for YOU. The depth of material is not found anywhere else in the world from any other system. You will train in a comprehensive, robust system utilizing modern concepts applied to an ancient weapon. The program brings to you the practitioner, all of the tools needed to master the Shillelagh.

You will have the ability to learn via a multi-modal blended learning environment. This includes live face-to-face seminars and classes, custom events and hosting in your locale, online distance learning and the opportunity to interact with the Founder and Senior Instructors of Combat Shillelagh.

Combat Shillelagh is a very well rounded System that teaches you not only striking, blocking and defending with the Shillelagh, but you will also learn devastating joint locks, throws, disarms and take-downs. At the higher levels, you will master our Troid Do Bata “two stick” fighting methodology, stick & blade fighting, “wattle” 6 ft. Staff applications and incredible unarmed techniques.

Get Sum!