Combat Shillelagh – Level I Green Belt Intro Bundle


Combat Shillelagh Level 1 – Green Belt Intro Bundle.  Learn Irish Stick Fighting!  Introducing the Combat Shillelagh Level 1 – Green Belt Intro Bundle – the perfect way to kickstart your journey in the Combat Shillelagh Irish Stick Fighting System! We understand that many prospective students from around the world are eager to get started, which is why we have created this bundle to provide you with everything you need.

This bundle includes full access to Level I Green Belt Training Videos, a one-year membership in the Combat Shillelagh Student Federation (including a Certificate of Membership, Rank Patch, and Membership Card), and your very own copy of the Student Reference Black Belt Manual. The manual is a comprehensive guide consisting of 110 pages of full-color reference material, history, research, techniques, and rank requirements for beginner up to Black Belt.

Normally, purchasing these items separately would cost $281.00, but with the Bundle Price, you only pay $127.00! This foundational level is designed to give you the essential techniques and concepts needed to earn your Green Belt in our system. You will learn core Stances, Distancing and Getting off the X, the 9 Gates Striking and 9 Gates Blocking patterns, the History of the Shillelagh, How to hold, Weapon Manipulation, and our Foundational 9 Gate Footwork Angles. Additionally, the training covers Ground Skills, How to be a Successful Student, guidelines for Rank Testing, and much more!

Don’t wait any longer to start your journey. Get started today and join the Combat Shillelagh community!



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