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Welcome to Combat Shillelagh

Welcome to the world of Combat Shillelagh!   

The Shillelagh is a devastatingly effective weapon from ancient times and it is still an extremely practical and effective weapon today. We have created a curriculum to apply modern day combative concepts to the ancient Shillelagh.
We  offer a robust Blended Learning or hybrid learning model that has proven to be very efficient and effective and is the first of it’s kind for learning the Modern Day Combat aspects of the Shillelagh!  This is not a traditional bataireacht lineage, rather it is a modern application with an ancient weapon based upon over 34+ years of dedicated martial arts studies by the founder.
Whether you want to delve deep into the Shillelagh as an entire weapons system all on it’s own, or you want to add to your existing studies of martial arts, then this is the course for you. Not found anywhere else, we provide access to an incredibly rich amount of learning material provided both online in a subscription model as well as face to face hands-on seminars and events. There are multiple levels of material and certification all the way from beginner up to and including Certified Instructor and Master levels.
We look forward to training with you!

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