Webinar – Critical Principles of Shillelagh Stick Fighting

Please join us on Thursday, June 8th 2023 from 7:00pm – 8:00pm where we will explore the core principles of stick fighting with the shillelagh as taught in the Combat Shillelagh system. The Shillelagh is a devastatingly effective weapon from ancient times and it is still an extremely practical and effective weapon today. We have spent decades in the martial arts studying staff and blade weapons of all sizes and shapes. We have brought this deep domain expertise to a modern-day interpretation of Shillelagh Irish Stick Fighting and this webinar is your chance to see and hear about the fundamentals of our system.  The principles we will be discussing however, are universal in nature and are some of the keys to unlocking your studies regardless of what you train in.

All are welcome regardless of background.

Shillelagh Irish Stick Fighting Seminar

Join us for the next Shillelagh Stick Fighting Seminar on Saturday January 7th, 2023. This event is open to all – current students and non-practitioners alike.

We will spend the day going through all three levels of the Combat Shillelagh system including up to (and beyond) black belt level. We will also take a look at applications and uses of both longer range versions of the shillelagh (known as a wattle) as well as short cudgel lengths.

This is a rare chance to experience shillelagh Irish stick fighting as presented in our system in a fun and relaxed environment.

You will learn strikes, blocks, footwork, rolls, defenses against grabs, joint locks, weapon disarms, takedowns and so much more. It will be a jam packed day and promises to be a rock and roll event!

No prior martial arts experience required or needed.

We will start at 10am sharp and run until 5pm to maximize our time together. If you own a shillelagh that you wish to train with you are welcome to bring it with you. Otherwise, we have sufficient quantities on hand in our training hall to accommodate a large class size. Items will be available for sale during the event as well.