Shillelagh Giveaway!

Shillelagh Giveaway Contest

Hi, my name is Brent Earlewine 

I am the Founder of the Combat Shillelagh System. I am giving away an Authentic, Hand-Made Shillelagh!

As authentic as you get.

This is the real deal folks. The shillelagh is made by hand in the Village of Shillelagh, County Wicklow Ireland by a multi-generational craftsman. (The process to make one of these can take as long as 3 YEARS from start to finish). Just an amazing heirloom piece of art and craftsmanship and it could be YOURS.

An Authentic Shillelagh such as this normally costs upwards of $300+. And I am GIVING IT AWAY! All you have to do for your chance at possibly winning it? Fill in the contact form below and you are automatically entered! NO Purchase Necessary.

Further, you’re about to discover the secrets of A Shillelagh Program that is delivered on a Flexible Online Platform. It allows you to Train with the Shillelagh At Your Own Pace No Matter Where You Live in the World!

Not offered anywhere else, this is the first of it’s kind! I want you to take full advantage of it.

As an ADDITIONAL BONUS, we’ve created a FREE Insider Video for you that explains the Top 10 Training Tips YOU Need to Learn How to Defend Yourself with the Shillelagh and Train in Our System. These are the same Top 10 Tips we discuss with our active students. Now YOU get to see and hear them for FREE.

A Double Bonus. On the next page you’ll get all the details about how you can immediately Take Advantage of a Special (One-Time ONLY) Discounted Offer on our Combat Shillelagh Black Belt Bundle Package.

You get a FREE Entry into my Shilellagh Fighting Stick Giveaway. You get FREE Access to our Top 10 Training Tips Video. AND you get an Exclusive Discount Offer just for checking out our Program!

So, go head, put in your name and primary email address right now and we’ll see you on the inside.

(Please note, all ACTIVE STUDENTS have already been automatically entered into the giveaway. If you enter an email that is already in our system prior, the contact form below may give you an error when you submit)

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