Authentic Handmade Shillelagh Cudgel (Made in Ireland)


Authentic Shillelagh Cudgel Hand Made in Ireland – Are you interested in an authentic Shillelagh Cudgel?  Accept no substitutes and look no further!  Now you can own an authentic Cudgel handmade in the village of Shillelagh, County Wicklow, Ireland.   Each piece is hand made by a multi-generational master craftsman using the traditional process that can take up to three YEARS to finish.  Since they are products from nature, each one will have variations in size and thickness.  Generally they will all be in the range of  16 – 18 – 21 inches in length, and about 1″ or so in shaft thickness.  All sticks will have lead loaded heads.  These are heirloom pieces that will last you a lifetime of training.  You will be proud to train with and display your authentic shillelagh cudgel.  (Hats in the images are NOT included)

These are made from traditional blackthorn and are heirloom pieces that will last a lifetime if properly taken care of.  Please note – there are TWO versions to choose from:

  1.  Black finish
  2. Matte finish

Please place in your order notes which finish you want so we order the right one on your behalf.  Lead time is up to 6 weeks!  These ship from Ireland, so please be patient!





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