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Welcome to the Combat Shillelagh Distance Learning Course! We are excited you are here! You are about to embark upon a life changing journey as you dive into the world of the Shillelagh, a devastating weapon from ancient times. We have put together a full curriculum from Beginner all the way up to Black Belt just for you.

Depending on the package you purchased, you will have access to one or more of the page links below. The pages and the video files are protected, so you will not be able to download them, rather you will come back to our site to view as you train.

Please note – EACH hotlink below is a specific Landing Page that corresponds to the package, level, bundle or monthly subscription you purchased. FOR EXAMPLE – If you only bought the Green Belt Level then that is the only link that will work for you! Conversely – if you bought the Black Belt Bundle, then that is the link you click. You get the idea.

Let’s get started!

Level I – Green Belt Distance Learning Course Landing Page

Level II Brown Belt Distance Learning Course Landing Page

Level III Black Belt Distance Learning Course Landing Page

Black Belt Bundle Offer Landing Page

Black Belt Monthly Subscription Landing Page